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MediCard Nurse helps homeless in giving birth

Nurse Mary Lorraine Pingol did not expect she’ll be delivering a baby at a sidewalk in Makati while on her way to work.

“There was no other medical worker available at the scene. It think it was fate that I passed by so I could help the lady and her baby,” nurse Raine said.

In a facebook post that had gone viral, Raine narrated how she had to deliver a baby at a “sidewalk near where garbage was dumped” She said, “the place was filthy and there were no sterile tools available.”

“Im thankful it wasn’t a complicated birth. The lady was conscious and alert and the baby is not premature,” she added.

The mom and the baby were brought to a health facility in Makati and are now safe.

Mary Lorraine Pingol, RN

Mary Lorraine Pingol has been with MediCard for less than a year and has been assigned as a corporate nurse. When asked about her message for other healthworkers, she said “as long as you have the capability to help people in need, please extend your hands to them as your help could be life-saving. And during this pandemic, I hope we become stronger and serve as inspiration to everyone with the things that we do.”

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