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MediCard unites with community against COVID-19

Medical frontliners at a MediCard clinic in Sta. Lucia

MANIILA, Philippines — Science and access to proper information are some of the best ways to battle COVID-19. As one of the top local health maintenance organizations (HMO), MediCard Philippines Inc. joins the nation in healing as one.

Going to war with proper tools

MediCard remains committed in its mission to contribute to society’s well-being through top-quality health care. As COVID-19 affects the country, the company makes sure that its services are well-equipped to endure the crisis.

The company has prepared its free-standing clinics and provided personal protective equipment (PPE) to its clinic personnel. It has also established proper protocols and conducted reorientation of its health practitioners. Additionally, telemedicine services and online health-care platforms are made available to customers.

“Our aim is to provide quick access to timely, accurate, and credible information. Aside from online channels, our dedicated account managers are readily available. Our call centers and other departments are operational, too, to address the needs of our clients,” MediCard said in a statement.

Health care apps

MediCard’s MyPocketDoctor app (left photo) and MediCard’s MACE app.

As medical practitioners wage war against the pandemic, MediCard ensures its clients are well informed digitally through the official website, and mobile apps such as MyPocketDoctor and MACE.

The MyPocketDoctor app, allows securing of medical consultations 24/7.

Meanwhile, the MACE app allows customers to view their personal health plan and request approval of medical consultations and laboratory tests, among others. The free app also allows clients to search for accredited doctors and hospitals. Soon, MACE will have a chatbot to answer common customer inquiries about MediCard’s plans and services.

Customer-centered online platforms

MediCard also ensures the health of its members through its new customer-centric website. It includes services such as online doctor consultations, laboratory requests, viewing utilization and status of reimbursement, setting up appointments with free-standing clinics, and securing lost IDs.

“It also features an online store where plans for individuals, families, SMEs or corporations are offered. The rates and benefits are already listed and a portal to the application is readily available for interested parties,” MediCard shared.

The website includes helpful articles, how-to videos, job vacancies and perks for members.

On the other hand, the lifestyle website focuses on boosting physical and mental health. It features helpful information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fitness tips, easy recipes and health calculators.

Ensuring the health of Filipinos

Medical frontliners at a MediCard clinic in Cavite.

If one shows signs of COVID-19, MediCard makes sure that it’s ready to help.

“Everyone around you is doing their best to manage the COVID-19 crisis: the barangay, local, and national governments, the public and private hospitals and health-care organizations, all the frontliners and community workers who are making sure your needs are being taken care of,” the HMO said in its Doctor’s Orders online post.

“Please do your best to stay healthy and stay at home, for the sake of yourself, your family, and your community,” it concluded.


The free MyPocketDoctor and MediCard MACE apps are available on iOS and Android. 

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