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Customer Charter

Date of last revision: October 9, 2023

MediCard upholds its commitment to provide the best quality health care services and products that will exceed customer expectations.  As one of the leading Health Maintenance Organizations in the country, MediCard consistently aligns the quality of its operations with the standard requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and maintains a very promising quality policy and dedicated people.

MediCard values the well-being of every individual with an assurance to bring safe and sound health to its customers and to its people. 

In its pursuit to deliver quality health care services and products amidst the inevitable changes in our time, MediCard will continuously innovate and shape effective techniques and trends in response to its customer needs and to make customer experience the top-notch health care services in a safe and convenient manner.


MediCard implements appropriate safeguards to ensure security of its operations and to protect the data of its customers from misuse and unauthorized access or disclosure.  To fulfill this, MediCard maintains the following measures:

  • Physical measures: locked filing cabinets and restriction of access to offices, data center, and alarm systems;
  • Technical measures: passwords, authentication, encryption, access controls, firewalls, regular vulnerability assessment, and other necessary technical controls; and
  • Administrative measures: confidentiality agreements, data sharing agreements, limiting access on a need-to-know basis, staff training, and security clearances.

To make sure that customers data will not be compromised, MediCard will employ any reasonably available measure necessary to tighten its security and prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of customer data.


MediCard upholds the right to privacy of every individual in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.  As such, MediCard has established its Privacy Policy and your rights are laid down on its Privacy Statement which you can view on this site.


MediCard ensures transparency of information on all its products and services.  Any information regarding its products or services will only be presented in a clear, accurate, and non-misleading manner.  It will not in any way cause deliberate intent to mislead, misrepresent, or deceive its customers.

With such commitment to its customers, MediCard will assure compliance with the Insurance Commission’s Guidelines on Electronic Commerce of HMO Products on every conduct of its business.


MediCard wants to hear from you so that it can promptly provide you with solutions and serve you better.  In order to improve its products and services, MediCard welcomes feedbacks, inquiries, and complaints via email: For data privacy concerns you may also email:

MediCard offers a feedback service from Monday through Friday.  Please anticipate receiving a response from MediCard within the next 24 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. On those days, your concern will be addressed on the next business day.

After acknowledging your concerns, it will be resolved depending on the complexity of the issues.  Rest assured that MediCard will resolve them within five (5) working days from acknowledgment.  Within such period, you will be informed of the status of your concerns and MediCard will issue a decision on your complaint unless a longer period is needed to resolve such issues.  MediCard may request your cooperation, should there be additional documents needed to sustain your claim.  

If your request has been denied, you may appeal the decision by filing a written request with the MediCard Head Office within ten (10) working days after receiving a denial.  The request must set forth why you believe that the decision was in error.  You will receive a written notice stating MediCard’s decision and the reason for such decision within five (5) working days after receipt of your appeal.

For Claims and Reimbursement procedures, please refer to your contract terms and conditions.  The provisions of your contract shall be followed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE.  The Insurance Commission, with offices in Manila, Cebu and Davao, is the government office in charge of the enforcement of all laws related to Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and has supervision over HMOs.  It is ready at all times to assist the general public in matters pertaining to HMO. For any inquiries or complaints, please contact the Public Assistance and Mediation Division (PAMD) of the Insurance Commission at 1071 United Nations Avenue, Manila with telephone numbers 632-85238461 to 70 and email address  The official website of the Insurance Commission is

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