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What happens if I have been advised for admission/hospitalization?

  • Proceed to the admitting section.
  • Present your MediCard ID and the admitting order from the MediCard-accredited doctor. Confinement shall be under the services of the attending physician and the MediCard coordinator.
  • Your room assignment will be based on your MediCard program.
  • If necessary, the attending physician or MediCard coordinator may also refer you to a MediCard-accredited specialist.
  • The admitting/HMO staff will notify MediCard and provide all the necessary details.
  • MediCard will issue a Letter of Authorization (LOA) once the availment is approved based on your program.
  • Prior to discharge, submit a completed Philhealth Form and a certificate of contribution signed by your employer.
  • Settle charges not covered by your MediCard Program.
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