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What are the requirements if I have been advised for admission/hospitalization?

  • MediCard ID; If unavailable, provide your full name (first, middle and last) and birthdate to the hospital staff and inform them that you are a MediCard member.
  • Philhealth; If unable to file, member will pay for the Philheath portion of the hospital bill.
  • Any other government-issued ID with discount privilege like Senior Citizen ID, PWD ID, etc.

For vehicular accidents:

  • Driver’s license
  • OR/CR of vehicle
  • Police report
  • Incident report

For injuries from accidents, assaults, victims of violence, or crime:

  • Incident report
  • Police report and/or barangay blotter

For industrial or work-related accidents/injuries:

  • Incident report
  • Industrial report accomplished by the patient’s immediate superior or safety officer

These will be used to evaluate your case, submission of which does not mean coverage. Evaluation may be delayed, or the admission may not be covered due to delayed or non-submission of requirements.

Your case is subject to our evaluation. Our Liaison Officer will contact you to discuss your coverage. Please provide your contact details to the hospital so we can reach you as soon as possible.

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