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How do I set-up a face-to-face appointment with a doctor on MediCard GO?

  • On your home screen, tap F2F CONSULTATION.
  • Choose a facility: MediCard free-standing clinic or other accredited clinic/hospital.
  • Fill out the short form.
  • If you choose to consult in a MediCard free-standing clinic, an LOA will not be required, simply wait for the clinic to contact you. If you select other accredited clinics/hospitals, download the Consultation Form/LOA found at the bottom of the screen and print 2 copies. Submit these to your doctor upon visit. Note that this does not guarantee an appointment with the doctor yet. You will need to book an appointment with the doctor directly.*

*On the day of your visit, note that doctors/hospitals/clinics may have varied policies. Even if you have a pre-approved Consultation Form/LOA, you may be asked to proceed to the HMO department first for encoding/documentation.

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