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Comprehensive healthcare coverage for you and your family here and when you travel abroad.


With MediCard, you’ll feel safer away from home. Through its tie-up with Assist America, a provider of global emergency services for travellers, MediCard VIP members who are traveling 150 kilometers or more for less than 90 days, can avail of consultation and evaluation with Assist America’s medical personnel in its Operations Center, referrals to physicians, and medical monitoring in case of emergency. And, if needed during an emergency, Assist America can also facilitate your hospital admission on reimbursement basis and arrange your transportation with escort to bring you safely back home, if necessary.  

So sign up for a MediCard VIP plan now and qualify for a wider range of benefits such as access to 5-star hospitals in the Philippines, privilege to prescribe your own doctor, executive check-up, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and more. 


Rules and limits apply. 

Note: Information on this online store is valid until updated.

[Last update: May 15, 2022]


Upon payment of the fees and upon effectivity of the membership, the MEMBER shall be entitled to the following benefits:

A. Global Healthcare Assistance 

When travelling, we make sure we have the essentials with us: passport, plane ticket, itinerary, cash and credit cards, clothes, camera and phone among other items. But what we often overlook is health coverage, which is crucial to ensuring that our holidays remain hassle free. After all, nothing can ruin perfectly-planned vacation or business trip than being unprepared for a medical emergency. And when you’re crossing national borders or if you are travelling 150 kilometers or more away from home for less than 90 days, it’s a good idea to check if your health card can provide health assistance, just in case an emergency happens abroad. 

With Medicard’s tie-up with Assist America, a provider of global emergency services for travellers, you may avail of the following medical services while you are away from home: 

  1. Medical Consultation, Evaluation and Referral: Participants have access to an Operations Center with multilingual staffs on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Medical personnel are available for medical consultation, evaluation and referrals to Western-trained physicians. 
  2. Hospital Admission Guarantee: AAAL will validate a Participant’s medical insurance, as applicable or advance funds to a medical facility, to facilitate Participant’s admittance to a foreign medical facility, as necessary. The Participant must repay any emergency hospital admittance deposit paid by AAAL within 45 days. Participants, through their health plan or other means, are responsible for costs incurred for medical services rendered by the treating medical facility. 
  3. Emergency Medical Evacuation: When an adequate medical facility is not available proximate to where the Participant is located, as determined by the AAAL physician and the consulting physician, AAAL will arrange an emergency evacuation, with medical supervision, by an appropriate means to the nearest medical facility capable of providing the required care at no cost to the Participant. 
  4. Medical Repatriation: When medically necessary, as determined by the AAAL physician and the consulting physician, repatriation under medical supervision at no cost to the Participant, to the Participant’s legal residence or to a medical or rehabilitation facility near Eligible Participant’s residence, at such time as the Participant is medically cleared for travel via commercial carrier, provided the repatriation can be accomplished without compromising the Participant’s condition. If the time period to receive medical clearance to travel by common carrier exceeds fourteen days from the date of discharge from the hospital, an appropriate mode of transportation may be arranged, such as an air ambulance. Medical or non-medical escorts may be provided as necessary. 
  5. Medical Monitoring: Monitoring of Eligible Participant’s condition by medical personnel who will (i)stay in regular communication with the attending physician and/or hospital and (ii) relay necessary and legally permissible information to family members. 
  6. Transportation to Join Patient: Provide a designated family member or personal friend with an economy, round-trip, common carrier transportation to the major airport closest to the place of hospitalization, provided the Participant is travelling alone and is projected to be hospitalized for more than seven consecutive days. It is responsibility of the family member or the friend to meet all visas and document requirement, if applicable. 
  7. Prescription Assistance: AAAL will aid in replacing a prescription when possible and legally permissible and upon consulting with the Eligible Participant’s attending physician. Participant irresponsible for the cost of the prescription. 
  8. Care of Minor Child(ren): When a minor child(ren) is left unattended as the result of a Participant’s medical emergency, AAAL will provide the child(ren) with one-way economy common carrier the place of residence of the minor child(ren). An attendant will escort the child(ren) if required. 
  9. Emergency Message Transmission: AAAL will receive and transmit emergency messages to/from home
  10. Return of Mortal Remains: In the event of a Participant’s death, AAAL will arrange and pay for the return of mortal remains at no cost to the Participant. AAAL will render any assistance necessary in the transport including locating a local, licensed funeral home, mortuary or direct disposition facility to prepare the body for transport, completing all documentation, obtaining all legal clearances, procuring consular services (for death overseas), providing death certificates, purchasing the minimally necessary casket or air transport container, as well as transporting the remains, including retrieval from site of death and delivery to receiving funeral home. 
  11. Interpreter and Legal and Referrals: AAAL will provide the Participant with referrals to interpreters, counsellors or legal personnel, as requested. 
  12. Emergency Cash Coordination: AAAL will assist in coordinating the transfer of emergency cash. Source of funds is the responsibility of Participant. 
  13. Lost Luggage or Document Assistance: AAAL helps Eligible Participants locate lost luggage, documents, personal belongings or assist with travel tickets replacement. 
  14. Pre-trip Information: AAAL will provide other support assistance services, such as Web-based country profile that includes visa requirements, immunizations and inoculation recommendations, embassy and consulate information, country-specific details and security advisories as well as other pertinent information for travel destinations. 
  15. Fulfilment/Communication Material: AAAL will provide Identification Cards for Participants with the telephone numbers necessary to access an Operations Center. 


AAAL will not provide services in the following instances: 

  • Travel undertaken specifically for securing medical treatment
  • Injuries resulting from participation in acts of war or insurrection
  • Commission of an unlawful act(s)
  • Attempt at suicide
  • Incidents involving the use of drugs unless prescribed by a physician
  • Transfer of Participant from one medical facility to another medical facility of similar capabilities and providing a similar level of care

 AAAL will not evacuate or repatriate a Participant: 

  • without medical authorization

B. Highlights  

  1. Access to 5-star hospitals – That’s right, as a VIP member, you will be granted access to the country’s premiere hospitals in Metro Manila such as St. Luke’s Global City and Quezon City, Asian Hospital in Alabang, Cardinal Santos Medical Center in Greenhills, Makati Medical Center, and The Medical City in Ortigas.
  1. Privilege to prescribe your own doctor*Only MediCard VIP plan allows you to recommend your own doctor – he/she may be your long time physician or someone you are most comfortable with. Now, that’s flexibility.
  1. More savingsYou save even more with VIP plan as Pre-Existing Conditions are covered such as hypertension, goiter, cataracts or glaucoma, gastritis, tuberculosis, arthritis and more. 
  1. VIP plan pays you backWhat’s more exciting about being a VIP member is that it actually pays you back because every VIP plan comes with an Executive Check-up at any MediCard free-standing clinic. You may also avail of Assist America and/or Lifeline Rescue services in case of an emergency. 
  1. More perks that also matter to youOn top of the healthcare benefits, you also have the privilege to use the facilities of the MediCard Lifestyle Center like its fitness and conference rooms. You also have free services at the Lifestyle Center that includes diamond peel at our Skin and Body clinic, weight management and nutrition program.

*Rates are based on MediCard Relative Value and limits. Own doctor must be based in the Philippines.

C. Other Benefits

Dreaded Disease LimitP200,000P250,000P300,000P500,000
Additional Limit for AccidentsP50,000P100,000P150,000P200,000


In-patient & Out-patientP5,000P10,000P15,000P20,000

Free consultations with the following primary care physicians & specialists at MediCard free-standing clinics:

General surgeon, Pediatrician, General practitioner, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Family medicine and Internist

Above consults will not be charged to the member’s Maximum Benefit Limit

Members can also avail of the free consultations even for conditions which are classified under general exclusions and pre-existing conditions which are not covered. On top of this, members can avail of discounts on laboratory examinations.Laboratory examinations up to 30% discountLaboratory examinations up to 30% discountLaboratory examinations up to 40% discountLaboratory examinations up to 50% discount
Maternity-related laboratory & ultrasound up to 30% discountMaternity-related laboratory & ultrasound up to 30% discountMaternity-related laboratory & ultrasound up to 30% discountMaternity-related laboratory & ultrasound up to 30% discount
Emergency care in non-accredited facility100% MRV up to dreaded disease limit100% MRV up to dreaded disease limit100% MRV up to dreaded disease limit100% MRV up to dreaded disease limit
Out-patient medicinesP3,000P4,000P5,000P8,000


Out-patient consultation5 consultations at
10 consultations at
15 consultations at P350/consultationUnlimited consultations at P350/consultation
Out-patient laboratory/
80% up to P5,00080% up to P10,00080% up to P12,000100% up to P20,000
Inpatient approved hospital bills80% up to P30,00080% up to P50,00080% up to P75,00080% up to P100,000
Professional fees subject to MRV*70% MRV up to DDL75% MRV up to DDL80% MRV up to DDL100% MRV up to
Executive Check-Up at MediCard free-standing clinicsPRIMARY PACKAGEEXPANDEDEXPANDED plus choice of one (1) test: Kidney Functions, Liver Functions, Thyroid Functions or Diabetes FunctionsEXPANDED plus choice of two (2) tests: Kidney Functions, Liver Functions, Thyroid Functions or Diabetes Functions

NOTE: Point of service benefits are subject to the Dreaded Disease Limit (DDL) or Pre-existing Condition Limit 

*MediCard Relative Value 


Skin & Body by MediCardDiamond Peel (3 sessions)Diamond Peel (3 sessions)
or Facial (2 sessions)
Diamond Peel or Facial (5 sessions each) and Revitale
or Thermolift (2 sessions)
Diamond Peel (10 sessions) or Facial (5 sessions) and Revitale or Thermolift (5 sessions)
Weight Management / Nutrition ProgramCovered at MediCard Lifestyle CenterCovered at MediCard Lifestyle
Covered at MediCard Lifestyle
Covered at MediCard Lifestyle Center
Use of MediCard Lifestyle Center – Fitness Center
(exclusive of personal trainer)
Use of MediCard Lifestyle Center – Conference Room (maximum of 4 hours)One TimeTwice (2x) a yearTwice (2x) a yearThree (3x) times a year
Coverage for slipped discP5,000P10,000P20,000P30,000
Dental (Standard Plus)Bi-annual oral prophylaxisBi-annual oral prophylaxis, Light cure filling (1 surface)Bi-annual oral prophylaxis, Light cure filling (2 surfaces)Bi-annual oral prophylaxis,
Light cure filling (5 surfaces), Root Canal up to P5,000
Assist AmericaCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Lifeline RescueCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered


  1. Services which a member receives from a non MEDICARD Physician, non MEDICARD Accredited Hospital or other provider of care, except as described in the emergency care in non MEDICARD hospitals, as provided for in this Agreement;
  2. Hereditary and/or congenital defects of whatever form;
  3. Sensorineural hearing impairments except those acquired during time of membership; 
  4. Plastic and reconstructive surgery for cosmetic purposes and for physical congenital deformities and abnormalities; 
  5. Dermatological care for aesthetic purposes such as electrocautery or chemical treatment for skin tags, xanthelasma, milia, keloids, scars, etc. on any exposed areas of the body; 
  6. Guillain Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, demyelinating disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Myasthenia Gravis, epilepsy, seizure disorder and other autoimmune neurological disease; 
  7. AV malformation and aneurysms which are considered congenital except only those unequivocably proven to be acquired secondarily; 
  8. Corrective eye surgery for error of refraction including laser surgery for correction of myopia and hypermyopia; 
  9. Psoriasis, vitiligo; 
  10. Experimental medical procedures, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and chiropractics; 
  11. Services to diagnose and/or reverse infertility or fertility and virility/potency (erectile dysfunction); 
  12. Open heart surgeries, angioplasties, valvulaplasties, permanent pacemaker insertion, intra coronary thrombolysis, balloon valvuloplasties, transvenous endocardial biopsy, percutaneous intraaortic balloon pump insertion, balloon atrial septostomy, previous craniotomy sequelae, organ transplantation and complication and other surgeries related to the heart; 
  13. Diagnostics for hypersensitivity and desensitization treatment; 
  14. Purchase or lease of durable medical equipment, oxygen dispensing equipment and oxygen except during hospital confinement under the Hospital Confinement Benefit; 
  15. Corrective appliances and artificial aids and prosthetic devices; 
  16. Human blood products like platelets, packed RBC, plasma, gamma globulin, etc. and its processing; 
  17. Psychiatric and psychological illnesses including neurotic and psychotic behavior disorders; 
  18. Treatment for alcoholic intoxication and drug addiction or overdose reaction to use of prohibited drugs including illnesses directly related to it and other injuries attributed as a result of it; 
  19. Rehabilitation treatment, physical, speech, occupational and hormonal therapies; 
  20. Developmental disorders, metabolic diseases, sleep and eating disorders; 
  21. Sexually transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis B, condyloma, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes etc. and their attendant complications; 
  22. Pelvic inflammatory disease, tubo-ovarian abscess, pyosalpingitis, etc.; 
  23. HIV/AIDS; 
  24. Hazardous job related illnesses and/or injuries; 
  25. Physical examinations required for obtaining or continuing employment, insurance or government licensing; 
  26. Injuries or illnesses resulting from participation in war like or combat operations, riots, insurrection, rebellion, strikes and other civil disturbances; 
  27. Treatment of self inflicted injuries or injuries attributable to the MEMBER’S own misconduct, gross negligence, use of alcohol and/or drugs, vicious or immoral habits, participation in act of crime, violation of a law or ordinance, unnecessary exposure to imminent danger or hazard to health and hazardous sports related injuries; 
  28. Maternity care and other conditions as a result of pregnancy unless specifically provided; 
  29. Custodial, domiciliary care, convalescent and intermediate care; 
  30. Oral surgery for purposes of beautification, temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ) surgery done by dental practitioner; 
  31. Circumcision, except for correction of Phimosis; 
  32. Treatment of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident if the member or his guardian fails or refuses to execute the deed of Subrogation specified in Article VII hereof; 
  33. Professional fees of medico-legal officers; 
  34. Diagnosis of unknown etiology or the absence of any organic dysfunction; 
  35. Cost of vaccines for active and passive immunization except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement; 
  36. Laboratory examinations for screening sexually related illnesses and injuries; 
  37. Any condition or illness waived upon membership except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement.



Dreaded Disease Limit P200,000 P250,000 P300,000 P500,000 
Additional limit for accidents P50,000 P100,000 P150,000 P200,000 
In-patient & Out-patient P5,000 P10,000 P15,000 P20,000 
With AHMC, CSMC, MMC, SLMC (Quezon City & Global City) & TMC 
Principal Member Only 25,379 30,096 45,733 66,943 
Principal + 1 Dependent 45,908 54,391 82,493 120,666 
Principal + 2 Dependents 67,649 75,224 99,287 136,697 
Principal + 3 Dependents 88,266 94,982 115,212 151,896 
Principal + 4 Dependents 111,131 116,839 132,875 168,756 
In excess of 4 
dependents (per dependent) 
22,517 23,542 25,841 26,566 


Principal Member Only 32,993 39,125 71,344 104,432 


Payment Scheme  

  • 0% Installment – BDO CARDS ONLY (thru BDO MAXX)
    Minimum of 25K and up – up to 6-month zero percent interest
    50K and up – up to 12-month zero percent interest  

**MRV – MediCard Relative Value  


  • Non-Philhealth members (e.g. parents below 60 and unemployed, etc.) shall pay the Philhealth portion of their total hospital bills during confinement.
  • Executive check-ups are for principal member plus one (1) dependent only (provided that dependent enrolled is 18 years old and above)
  • Medical evaluation for enrollees age 41 and above is waived.
  • Medical, surgical, hospital and professional services expense NOT EXPLICITLY COVERED under this Agreement must be settled by the member upon discharge from the hospital. If MediCard will advance the payment, member shall pay MediCard the advanced amount within seven (7) days from receipt of the statement of account with an administration fee of 15%. If settlement is not made within seven (7) days, a penalty of 2% per month of the amount owing will be imposed until the debt is satisfied. MediCard has the option to suspend the ID card of the member(s) involved until full settlement is made.
  • Above rates are inclusive of VAT.

AHMC – Asian Hospital and Medical Center
CSMC – Cardinal Santos Medical Center
MMC – Makati Medical Center
SLMC – Global City – St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City
SLMC – QC – St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City
TMC – The Medical City



Cut-off dates in assigning effectivity dates



11th to 25th of the month1st of the following month
26th to 10th of the month16th of the month


Lost ID/Contract 

Any lost ID/contract must be immediately reported in writing using the Statement of Lost ID/Contract Form which can be downloaded from this link. The following are the rates or processing fees: 
Lost ID Card: P 150.00 
Lost Contract: P 100.00 

Rules and limits apply. Prices may change without prior notice. 



Make sure that you have secured a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for your reference. You can download and/or print a copy of the MOA by clicking the button below.

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