Why GMA 7 trusts only one HMO brand

Atty. Gerrome Y. Apolona, vice president for human resources development, GMA 7

OOH LA LAI – Lai S. Reyes (The Philippine Star) – May 29, 2018 – 12:00am


Broadcast networks in the country are constantly working to achieve high ratings for their programs. Behind those high ratings are employees working hard to help attain them, so it’s also important to ensure that they are happy, healthy and productive.

At GMA 7, a leading commercial broadcast television and radio network, the management believes that a company should be a place where people want to work, “play” and stay.

Here, the top guns strive to create an environment that values diversity — of background and experience — that makes the best of the employees’ strengths, and that provides advancement opportunities, pay and benefits.

“GMA 7 provides a work environment that promotes work-life balance,” enthused Atty. Gerrome Y. Apolona, GMA 7 Vice President for Human Resources Development. “The company promotes workplace wellness and employees’ health and fitness.”

This benefit also extends to their dependents.

“When an employee feels that his family’s welfare is being taken care of, it helps boost his morale,” shared Atty. Apolona.

For the leading network, the employees and the company are of “One Heart” with the company taking to heart what is good and beneficial to its employees and their loved ones consistent with its precept of “Buong Puso Para sa Kapuso.”

“Our employees make our company successful, so we find ways to show them our appreciation,” added Atty. Apolona.

One way of doing this is by providing them with high-quality and accessible healthcare.

“MediCard has played an important part in our employees’ satisfaction and retention rate,” enthused Atty. Apolona.

Long-term partners

MediCard, a leading health maintenance organization (HMO) in the Philippines, has been a partner of GMA 7 in securing their employees’ health for over 20 years.

“In choosing our HMO, we always consider the commercial and technical proposals of possible providers. MediCard consistently offers viable terms, which is why time and again, we have become partners,” shared Atty. Apolona.

According to the amiable lawyer, GMA 7 and MediCard have established what he calls an “open relationship.”

“This means we easily come up with solutions that are beneficial to the employees without sacrificing the interests of both companies,” noted Atty. Apolona.

And since MediCard is a company that’s run by doctors, it takes the word “emergency” seriously.

GMA 7 is the leading commercial broadcast television and radio

“We look after the needs of employees. We receive calls from employees who have medical emergency concerns during holidays, weekends or any time of the day,” he shared. And in the same way, MediCard is always ready to respond to GMA’s calls.

At the height of the Marawi siege, a GMA employee deployed in Iligan needed immediate medical attention.

“He was hospitalized for a few days and was required to be admitted in the ICU in Iligan,” recalled Atty. Apolona. “We asked for MediCard’s assistance to handle all the coordination efforts since the employee urgently needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital with an ICU. MediCard handled all the hospital-related requirements of the employee very well.”

In any partnership, communication and coordination are key. So in order for MediCard to serve its loyal clients better, a hardworking and dedicated account manager is designated to handle the needs of GMA employees.

“Our account manager bridges MediCard and GMA 7,” shared Atty. Apolona. “She is always our go-to person if we have questions and concerns regarding the employees’ HMO availment. Our account manager makes sure that all our needs and requirements are handled well.”

It also helps that the MediCard clinics are accessible and with complete amenities. “Members save on the utilization of their HMO benefits when they avail of the services at MediCard clinics instead of going to the hospitals,” noted Atty. Apolona.

Fast online approval for lab tests

When availing of laboratory test requested by doctors to help them diagnose health problems accurately, HMO users usually need to secure a letter of approval (LOA).

The LOA basically confirms that such tests are, indeed, part of a member’s HMO coverage and authorizes the diagnostic clinic to proceed with the requested tests. These tests usually include blood tests, urinalysis, chest X-ray, among others.

Ordinarily, securing the LOA means going through a process that can be slow and inconvenient.

MediCard takes the hassle out of getting the LOA as it introduces MediCard Online LOA, an application that allows you to easily request for a LOA for your diagnostic tests from the comfort of your own home, office or using your mobile phone.

“Our employees are always on-the-go so this add-on service from MediCard is much appreciated. MediCard knows that we have peculiar requirements and it does its best to meet these. Most of the time, MediCard exceeds our expectations,” enthused Atty. Apolona.

Thanks to MediCard, GMA 7 is reaping the fruits of its partnership therewith by having loyal, satisfied and productive employees.

“Aside from our viewers, our employees are the reasons why GMA 7 remains at the top of its game,” added Atty. Apolona.

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