What’s App Doc?

MACE is a powerful application that allows MediCard members to use their smartphones to avail themselves of MediCard benefits and services.

We are a society driven by digital technology. Such is its impact that there are households that don’t even have running water, yet each family member owns a smartphone that’s connected 24/7.

Digital technology has made our lives quite easy and efficient. All it takes is just a snap of one’s finger — with which one can scour the internet — and get all the information and services we need in a blazing fast way. From paying our bills to doing the grocery, ordering food, even paying respects to a deceased loved one (online burol), everything is just an app away. Add to that, medical services.

MediCard, the country’s leading Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that’s run by doctors, has developed a mobile-based application that allows members to use their smartphones to avail themselves of MediCard benefits and services.

Aptly called MACE (MediCard Access Express), this free mobile phone app offers convenient means to avail yourself of MediCard’s healthcare services.

“We envisioned this app to open a world of convenience to our members. Through the new MACE app, MediCard members can request for approvals on laboratory and diagnostic tests using their mobile phones,” enthused MediCard president Dr. Nicky Montoya.

MACE is a powerful application that allows MediCard members to transact in a non-terminal based mobile platform such as Android smartphones or tablets.

“It is the more advanced alternative to the MediCard Online Settlement System or MOSS, which was used to automate the provision of healthcare services in accredited hospitals/clinics,” explained Dr. Montoya.


With MACE, active MediCard members can view information about their health plan, generate their Quick Response Code (QR Code), register their dependents, request for consultation, generate LOA (letter of authorization) for lab tests, view their utilization (and your dependents’ utilization, with consent), search for accredited dentists, doctors and clinics/hospitals without going to a MediCard facility. You need not brave heavy traffic and waste time in getting all these things done.


Here’s an easy way to get you started. First, be ready with your member code and date of birth. Search and download MediCard Member app on Google Play or App Store. After installation, open the app and tap “Sign Up.”

Fill in other required fields such as username, password, contact number and email address. Tap “Agree.”

If you give MediCard your consent in processing your information, just tap “Register Account.” Tap “Agree” after reading the terms and conditions. And voila! You have successfully created an account.

You can also upload your photo in your MACE app.

To request for a consultation, just tap the + icon at the bottom right on your account screen. Press “Request Approval.” Tap “Consultation” to request for a consultation with a doctor. You will then be asked to enter your preferred MediCard-accredited hospital/clinic, and your preferred MediCard accredited doctor.

Fill in the reason for your consultation. Tick the terms and conditions button and tap “Submit.” A QR code and a reference number have been generated for your request. Just download the consultation form and print two copies. Submit these to your doctor upon visit.

Before, securing the LOA means going through a process that can be slow and inconvenient. MediCard takes the hassle out of getting the LOA. MACE allows you to easily request for a LOA for your diagnostic tests from the comfort of your own home, office or using your mobile phone.

To request for approval of a lab test, just tap “Tests.” You will then be asked to upload or take a photo of the request for lab test that came from the doctor. Upload the photo either from your gallery or from your phone camera. Tap “Tap to Proceed.”

Search for an accredited hospital or clinic where you prefer to have the test done. Then tick the terms and conditions button and tap “Submit Request.” Your request will be routed for approval.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see options to either “Cancel Request” or “Go Back” to your account screen. You can view status of your requests in the “My Approval Requests” tab. You can also see the status of your requests whether they are approved or cancelled.

Download the Lab/Diagnostic Form and print two copies. Submit these to the hospital/clinic you have chosen earlier.

With the MACE app, you can also view your utilization. It can be yours or your dependents. A list of your availments will be generated for you to view. This list can be downloaded on your phone or sent through different platforms.

“If your dependent is a not a minor, he/she has to accomplish a consent form first allowing you to view his/her utilizations,” noted Dr. Montoya who added that there’s more to the MACE app than requesting for consultations or medical procedures.

“MediCard members are entitled to some perks,” enthused the amiable doctor. “By tapping ‘Perks,’ you get to view our partner hotels, restaurants and other merchants that offer MediCard members perks and discounts.”

And with that, I’m more amazed by MACE.


Article by Lai Reyes – The Philippine Star