The handier way to access healthcare services

The MACE App (MediCard Access Express) is now available for download on Google Play Store and iOS. MACE is the more advanced replacement of MediCard Online Settlement System or MOSS, which was used to automate the provision of health care services.

With this version, you can already conveniently request consult anytime, anywhere, using your mobile phone or tablets. Simply select from MediCard’s accredited hospitals/clinics and doctors and present the printed consultation form to your doctor. Should a printed consultation form is unavailable, just show your generated approval to MediCard clinic/referral desk or coordinator for issuance of Consultation form. Approval for consults are immediately and automatically performed through the app, allowing you to attend to other items that matter to you.

With MACE, you can also easily view your member details and register your dependents. Soon, the app will allow you to file requests for labs and diagnostics.
MediCard has a respectable history of building digital solutions in keeping with its commitment to provide more Filipinos with quality health care. MACE is another innovative digital solution, a convenient means for members like you, to access MediCard’s roster of health care services.