Text Medicard

Text-in numbers:

(0908) 884-1814 : for smart subscribers

(0917) 851-2648 : for globe subscribers

(0925) 714-0618 : for sun subscribers

Keywords Text Format/Sample Purpose
Reg Reg [name]
Reg Maria Santos
To be a known and registered texter of TXT MEDICard.
Dental Dental [id number]
Dental 1234567
To get dental benefits and availments.
Status Status [id number]
Status 1234567
To get membership information.
Payment Payment [id number]
Payment 1234567
To get latest payment made.
Util Util [id number]
Util 1234567
To get total utilization for the current contract year.
OP OP [report]
OP member=1234567 diagnosis=UTI for urinalysis by Dr. Montoya
To get an approval number for out-patient case.
IP IP [report]
IP member=1234567 date admitted=6/2/09
To report confinement.
Inquiry Inquiry [concern]
Inquiry What is PEC?
To know something about MEDICard.
Feedback Feedback [message]
Feedback This SMS application is cool.
To tell us if we did well or not.
Complaint Complaint [message]
Complaint Your landline is busy.
To immediately inform us your complaint with our services.
Help Help To get list of available kewords.