Members Financial Assistance

Aside from the healthcare benefits, the principal member is entitled to a life indemnity program providing his heirs with financial assistance in the event of death or injuries through natural causes or accidental
means. The indemnities are subject to the following schedule:


Natural Death P   10,000.00
Accidental Means P   20,000.00
Loss of both hands P   10,000.00
Loss of both feet P   10,000.00
Loss of sight (both eyes) P   10,000.00
Loss of one hand and one foot P   10,000.00
Loss of one hand and sight of one eye P   10,000.00
Loss of one foot and sight of one eye P   10,000.00
Loss of one hand or one foot P    5,000.00
Loss of sight of one eye P    5,000.00


MFA is extended on the condition that the death or injury results from causes that are covered and are not under the exclusions or uncovered pre-existing conditions. Also, total annual premium for the agreement year should have been paid at the time of availment. Otherwise, all remaing unpaid annual premiums will be deducted from the amount of assistance.

In filing for MFA, the survived members must submit to MediCard Claims and Reimbursement section the following documents within sixty (60) days from the occurance of death or accident:

a. MediCard membership card
b. Affidavit of next of kin or marriage agreement
c. Death Certificate (original copy)
d. Atending Physician’s Statement (duly notarized)
e. Certificate of employment of principal member
f. Police Report (in case of an accident)