MediCard Services

MediCard offers a range of services, benefits and privileges. Members are eligible to avail their benefits in MediCard’s Accredited Hospitals and clinics and, in some cases, services may also extend to non-accredited hospitals and clinics.

Depending on the type of plan, the following are included:

(Please note that plans, benefits and access to some hospitals and clinics may vary between companies, families and individuals.)


MediCard offers no charge hospitalization: This is applicable when MediCard Physicians prescribe the hospitalization of members in any MediCard-accredited Hospital. Please note that MediCard reserves the right to direct a member to other physicians or specialists for further opinions, as needed to protect the interest of both MediCard and the member.
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Outpatient Care
Outpatient care refers to medical care or treatment that does not require a medical facility or overnight stay in a hospital.

Members are eligible for the outpatient services below in any MediCard Accredited Hospital or Clinic. Members can also go to a primary care physician of any Accredited Hospital or, at the Head Office Clinic for outpatient consultations.

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Preventive Health Care
Preventive Health Care services refer to measure taken for preventing diseases and avoiding illnesses, as opposed to treating existing issues.
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Emergency Care
Emergency Care refers to an event of any life-threatening condition caused by illness or injury, and where an individual is under Emergency Case within an emergency facility.
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Dental Care
Dental Care refers to the practice of maintaining the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth, in order to sustain oral hygiene and prevent dental disorders.
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