MediCard Select

Getting sick is inevitable. Regardless of age, everyone is vulnerable to different diseases be it hereditary or not. In addition, health care costs are no joke. In fact, Philippines outpace the 4.9% medical inflation rate in Asia last 2018 as forcasted by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Now imagine being ill and not having any support ready. Can you manage?

The good news is MediCard, a top HMO provider has introduced MediCard Select. It is a product that could help individuals prepare for that dreaded day when a family member, or they themselves, will need medical attention. This program ensures that the member will have access to MediCard’s network of hospitals and doctors to avail their needed service. With MediCard Select, members are certain that health care is one less problem they’d need to worry about.

So how does it work?

MediCard Select members will have their own Revolving Fund. The said fund will be set up through deposits which in turn be used to pay for medical procedures acquired during the time of illness. As MediCard Select offers a wide variation of benefits, members will receive coverage from hospitalization, outpatient care, emergency, dental benefits, and preventive healthcare that includes an Annual Physical Exam.

The revolving fund is subject to replenishment for the member to continuously access MediCard’s wide array of services and coverages. Members will only pay for what is utilized and unused funds shall be returned. Also, if a member sees fit, the revolving fund is fully refundable.

In an attempt to make the service accessible to everyone, MediCard offers this service with minimal access fees and a refundable revolving fund as low as Php 30,000.

As the old saying goes, health is wealth. But you don’t necessarily have to be wealthy to start taking care of your health. Apply for a MediCard Select plan now and secure your family’s health care.