MediCard reaches more Filipinos with Healthplus Card

MediCard continues to venture in reaching more Filipinos who need healthcare with the Healthplus Card, a product specifically designed to make a MediCard plan even more affordable. For only Php 1,100 for a one-year coverage, a member can enjoy a specialized healthcare maintenance service that covers preventive and out-patient care in MediCard Free-Standing Clinics (FSCs).

Specifically, members get unlimited free consultations with primary care physicians and some specialists like paediatricians, medical internists and obstetricians, while a flat rate of P350 applies to consultations with ENT, ophthalmologists, rehab medicine physicians, etc in MediCard FSCs.

The cost also includes 20% discount on all laboratory and diagnostic procedure and one-time Annual Physical Exam consisting of CBC, urinalysis, fecalysis, chest x-ray and comprehensive physical exam in MediCard FSCs. In addition, Health Plus cardholders get one free oral prophylaxis per year.

Best of all, this product has no age limitation and no pre-acceptance medical exam.

Just fill-out the application form in any of its FSC, pay for the corresponding amount and get your card instantly!

For more details, please call 884-9999.


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