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Health Check

Get unli check-ups with select doctors, 20% off on tests plus one-time A.P.E. in a MediCard clinic of your choice.


How far can your P500.00 go? With MediCard Health Check, you get quality outpatient benefits in a MediCard free-standing clinic near you for one year! This includes unlimited consultations with select doctors such as Internists, Paediatricians, Gynecologists and more. MediCard Health Check members are also entitled to a one-time annual physical exam that covers CBC, chest X-ray, urinalysis, stool exam and physical exam. Lastly, members also get 20% off on laboratory and diagnostic tests.

All these may be availed of by MediCard Health Check members in a MediCard free-standing clinic they choose upon purchase. Best of all, individuals of any age may be enrolled and there is no need for a pre-acceptance medical exam.


Rules and limits apply.

Note: Information on this online store is valid until updated.

[Last update: May 15, 2022]




Upon payment of the fees and upon effectivity of the membership, the MEMBER shall be entitled to the following benefits:

A. Annual Physical Examination consisting of the following:

    • Comprehensive Physical Examination
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Urinalysis
    • Fecalysis (Stool Exam)
    • Chest X-ray

B. Unlimited out‑patient consultations will be provided to the MEMBER by the following specialists:

    • General Practitioner
    • Family Medicine Physician
    • Internal Medicine Physician
    • Paediatrician
    • Gynecologist (except on maternity-related consultations)

C. MEMBER is also entitled to a 20% discount on all laboratory/diagnostic procedures.

Note: All benefits listed above may only be availed of by appointment from Mondays to Fridays at the MediCard Free-Standing Clinic where Health Check was purchased.




a) The following shall not be covered during out-patient consultation:

        • Consultations on maternity-related cases
        • Consultations with all other specialists not mentioned above
        • Laboratory and diagnostic procedures
        • Issuance of medical certificate

b) Prescribed medicines shall not be provided by MediCard

c) The out-patient consultations are provided only during clinic hours

B. LIMITATION IN SERVICES: MediCard is not responsible for the following:

a) Delay or failure to render services due to major disasters and natural calamities, brownouts or epidemics affecting facilities or personnel.

b) Unusual circumstances such as complete or partial destruction of facilities, war, riots, disability of a significant number of MediCard personnel or similar events which result in delay to provide services.

c) Conditions for which a MEMBER has refused recommended treatment for personal reasons, for which MediCard physicians believe no professionally acceptable alternative treatment exists.


It is hereby understood that, to be entitled to the benefits under this Agreement, the MEMBER hereby waives his/her consent to the disclosure and processing of his/her medical/health information which is determinative for the assessment of his/her coverage and necessary for the treatment of his/her illness. MediCard, its physician and other allied health professionals, including its service providers are hereby released from any liability by reason of such disclosure.



In consideration for the services rendered by MediCard, the Client agrees to pay the one (1) year membership fee of Five Hundred Pesos (P 500.00) inclusive of 12% VAT upon enrolment with MediCard. Membership fee shall be valid within the one (1) year membership period only.


Make sure that you have secured a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for your reference. You can download and/or print a copy of the MOA by clicking the button below.

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