MediCard Lifestyle Center

As life gets more and more stressful, more and more people are taking the path to wellness and fitness. They re sweating not just the small stuff but also beads of perspiration in workout routines in gyms that have mushroomed all over the metro. They re bending not their principles but their bodies in yoga classes. They re stretching not just their imagination but their muscles, too. They re counting calories and not just sheep " or wrinkles, for the women. There are stress reduction classes, Zumba classes, TRX suspension and intense training classes, even exercise classes for kids. A lot of people I know are into some kind of a diet " South Beach, Atkins, detox diet, 3-Hour Diet, 3-Day Diet, low-carb diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Ice Cream Diet (the coolest diet there is to melt away fat), and the humongous list goes on. And it s not so much about adding years to one s life as adding life to one s years.


That's why we have the MediCard Lifestyle Center, says a beaming Luis Montoya, MediCard Philippines, Inc. SVP for special projects, himself looking well and fit to run a place as big as this. Most illnesses are caused by stress so wellness is absolutely necessary to keep disease away. If you don t want to be away from work, you have to mind your health. A lot more companies are now enrolling with HMOs.

At the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City stands a posh new building called the MediCard Lifestyle Center that promises to be a haven for total wellness, offering solutions for lifestyle-related diseases. It s home to a state-of-the-art dermatology center, fitness facility, eye and colorectal center, dental clinics, and a yoga center that s coming soon.

Complementing these offerings are a fine stable of accredited health practitioners, highly competent physicians, other health professionals and staff to ensure that clients get the best care possible.

Located in Makati s throbbing business district, the MediCard Lifestyle Center also reaches out to nearby communities who stand to enjoy its great menu of services.

Everything is here, it s a one-stop center where people can go for their wellness needs, notes Montoya. It s really designed to give our members and even non-members a venue for managing their health and well-being. A lot of today s diseases are lifestyle-related " poor diet, lack of exercise. That s why we re encouraging more physical activity. We d also like to give tips on what food to eat because a balanced diet is key to health and wellness.


What else is cooking at the MediCard Lifestyle Center?

Oh, yes, a coffee shop serving healthy organic food will soon open to help clients keep track of their health/fitness goals. Step into the slick lobby of the MediCard Lifestyle Center and you think you re in some hotel, except that the concierge, er, counter is supposed to guide MediCard members and even non-members to the various clinics where they are scheduled to have a checkup or treatment.

We want a welcoming, relaxing ambience for our clients and not the intimidating hospital environment so they could heal not only physically but spiritually as well, Montoya describes. We re planning to have a yoga studio upstairs, a Zen garden, and a space with refreshing greenery for tai chi. As much as MediCard is spending money on the latest gadgets and equipment (MediCard president Dr. Nicky Montoya keeps himself abreast of the latest trends and machines through his travels), it is investing in training its people to be more proactive in assisting members who come in.


People servicing clients should also be relaxed, says Montoya with a big, warm smile. Makes perfect sense. When you're not well, you certainly wouldn t want to be around people who have long faces and short tempers.

When I walked into the MediCard Lifestyle Center, I felt right at home as I was greeted by the smiling staff. Even the stress test didn't seem stressful at all as I watched the electrodes carefully attached to a patient's body. If you value your health, a checkup is absolutely necessary, stresses Montoya. At least once a year, you should have a complete blood chemistry test to check your triglycerides, creatinine, etc.; X-ray for the lungs; stress test for the heart; stool exam, urinalysis to check if there s something wrong with your kidneys.